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Overview of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries
in the world. Poverty is widespread and the number of
abandoned children is extremely high due to years of
political unrest and natural disasters such as hurricanes
and floods which are a frequent occurrence. A third of
children never attend school and the illiteracy rate is
around 52 per cent.


Did you know 

There are no statistics regarding
the actual number of children in
welfare institutions in Bangladesh.


Wide Spread Poverty



In Bangladesh, children live on rubbish tips. They're scavenging for bottles that they can sell to local shops for pennies. Others survive
by picking wastepaper from the streets. Some are beggars or prostitutes from a very early age. The 'lucky' ones get to work in sweatshop factories as one of the country's seven million 
'economically active' five-to-17 year olds.


They're called street children. Many are orphans, many are abandoned by their parents, and all are victims of the appalling poverty that's rife in Bangladesh. Of the three million engaged in child labour, 1.3 million are doing hazardous work. This might include working with dangerous equipment, in glass factories or car plants. It might also include prostitution, pornography or forced labour.


The widespread poverty is the result of political unrest and frequent natural disasters. Around 30% of children do not have an education, and illiteracy runs at around two-thirds. Disease and malnutrition are everywhere. So, what can be done about these street children? We could feed them. But we want to do more. After all, you'll have heard the expression “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.


We want to play our part by educating Bangladesh's children so they can make something of their lives. We've set up an orphanage and a school. But there's much more we could do with the right funding. If you can help, contact us today, or please  visit our website to find out find out more about us.

Did you know 

Asia has the largest no. of orphans at 65 million.


Did you know 

One in every six children is a
working child, with 
an estimated
7.42 million working children

across the country.


Did you know 

For only 82p a day you can feed, clothe and educate an orphan.


Unicef Stats


  • Children account for 45% of total population (140.3 Million Population – 2006)

  • 25% of children in persistent poverty

  • 1 in every 6 children is a working child

  • An estimated 7.42 million working children across the country

  • 64% are deprived of sanitation

  • 41% are deprived of shelter

  • 35% are deprived of food

  • 46% below national poverty line

  • 46% of children under 5 are stunted

  • 40% under weight

Country Statistics

​Official Name: Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh 
(People's Republic of Bangladesh)
Capital: Dhaka
Population: 160 million + (2012)
Population Projection: 166 million (2015)
Languages: Bengali, English
Life Expectancy: 61 years
Infant Mortality: 60.83 out of 1,000 births

Literacy Rate:    Male - 43.1% | Female - 31.8%