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The poverty, hunger, deprivation and disease suffered by Bangladesh's children are intolerable. It's a life or death situation that no one who has witnessed first-hand could ever stand by and allow to continue. Certainly not us, living out our protected and cushioned lives in the West.

We've been to Bangladesh and seen the street children scavenging. We've seen the orphans and the abandoned children. These little ones have no one to turn to, and we feel compelled to help. Who are we? We're a consortium of wealthy UK businessmen who've set up the Asia-Pacific Children's Fund. We aim to provide hope where none appears to exist.

It would be relatively easy to simply feed the street orphans, but clearly that's not a long-term solution. Malnutrition is a serious issue and we do aim to give them food, but we also want to educate them and help them make something of their lives.

With that in mind, we have a four-storey orphanage that includes a school. It currently houses 500 children, but we want to expand it and accommodate over 2000. At present, running costs are over £10000 a month and will nearly double from January 2017 to circa £20,000 a month. This includes full-time management staff and one of our trustees on site for over eight months of the year to oversee the project. Costs would dramatically increase if our plans took off.
Our long-term aim is to expand this project to other parts of Bangladesh and maybe other countries of extreme poverty.

Without the orphanage, many of these children would simply die of malnutrition. Please help us by just donating 82p a day and changing an orphans life forever.